Сочинение на английском языке на тему «Как потратить выигранные в лотерее деньги»


The best way to spend lottery money

Have you ever won the lottery? Your initial reaction will probably be to go out and buy everything you have ever dreamed of. The best thing is to ignore this reaction, and spend your winnings wisely instead.

Statistic shows that 99% of lottery winners spend all their lottery prize in less than a year and become financially distressed shortly after their win. I’m sure his is not what you want. So, how would you spend the money gained from the gambling?

First of all, you should hire a financial adviser, who can help you make wise financial decisions, before you spend a dime of your lottery winnings. Secondly, you should make small purchases. Although a new car may be what you have dreamed of, wait to make your bigger purchases. This gives you time to do shop around and also decide what type of vehicle falls in your price range. After this invest the portion of the winnings. If you don’t want to be left with nothing, then invest a large part of the winnings in stocks and bonds. Ask your financial adviser for recommendations. Last but not least you should buy one guilty pleasure item. It could be a piece of jewelry, a Europe tour, furniture item etc.

In other words, if you spend your lottery prize money wisely, you could make your fortune long-term and produce an everlasting stream of income for you. In this way you may no longer need to work for money for the rest of your life. The prize money you have won from the lottery will work for you!

All in all, you should use the money you have won to grow more money.



initial – первоначальный

wisely – благоразумно

to gain – добывать, выигрывать

a gambling – азартная игра; игра на деньги

a dime – монета в 10 центов (в Америке и Канаде)

a purchase – покупка

shop (a)round – искать

stocks and bonds – акции и облигации

guilty pleasure – сокровенное желание

everlasting – вечный, бессмертный

to grow – выращивать